Year 2 Curriculum

In Year 2 the children will continue to build on their previous skills and learning with the view to becoming more independent learners. We wish to foster an environment where the children build on ideas and begin to develop the capacity for their own original ideas. As they are learning, the children will be encouraged to assess their own learning and evaluate how they are developing as independent learners.

In Literacy the children will continue to follow Read Write Inc to the end of the programme which will ensure they are fluent readers. When the children successfully complete the programme they will move onto Literacy and Language. All children will learn to read, write and discuss texts with maturity and in a meaningful way. Grammar is taught in context so that the children can apply it seamlessly to their own writing. The children will be systematically taught a range of spelling patterns.

In numeracy we will give the children the opportunity to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction and a firm grounding for developing knowledge of multiplication and division. Opportunities will be given for the children to explore patterns and develop early problem solving skills, applying their numeracy skills to real life situations.

In the Autumn term our topic work looks at ways to keep ourselves healthy and happy. We will learn about at how mammals including humans, change, grow and reproduce. We will be digging up vegetables in our school garden and then making a delicious soup with them. Our local Tesco store comes in to talk to us about a balanced diet and how food gets from the farm to our fork. We will look back through the decades of how the world has changed from 1960 to now.

During the Spring term we look at the wider world. We will be learning about the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. We will compare and contrast the environment, landscape and animals that inhabit these areas. We will learn about the great explorers Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen. We will learn about the Titanic disaster through research, role play and report writing.

In the Summer term we will explore our local area of St. Helens and the North West. We will draw comparisons between life in a town and life in a village.  We will visit a place of natural beauty and look at maps of these areas. In Science will be exploring how sound is made and how we can make sounds louder or quieter. The children will have the opportunity to design and make their own musical instrument.

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