Values & Ethos

Love of learning, love of one another,

“love of life itself and love of God



We will strive to be a safe and secure place of educational excellence. Our vision is that we should aim for excellence every day in every way. We know that this can be challenging and so promise to help each other. Each child will be encouraged to develop their talents to the full and continue to increase their enthusiasm for their own learning. We will love one another as Jesus loves us and extend a warm welcome to all.


To love one another as Jesus loves us


  1. Everyday is a new beginning, we recognise we make mistakes, but we forgive.
    2. To respect one another, their culture, their feelings, their work and their property.
    3. To recognise personal challenges and celebrate individual efforts and achievements.
    4. To make time to support and listen to all members of our school community.
    5. To work together to bring about a welcoming atmosphere.
    6. To work together to develop in each other our core values of:

Respect     Curiosity      Effort     Teamwork     Ambition     Independence

To provide a safe and secure place of educational excellence where each child is challenged to reach their full potential in all aspects of school life


  1. To identify each person’s special gifts and talents, providing experiences and challenges to fully develop these abilities.
  2. To provide a wide range of subjects taught in a creative way.
  3. To teach children the gospel values of honesty, forgiveness, empathy, respect and self control through religious education, collective worship and assemblies.
  4. To plan effectively –
  5. acknowledging individual needs and abilities
  6. having clear learning targets
  7. To plan and deliver the Come and See Religious Education programme throughout the school and recognise that it is a core (important) subject.
  8. To make sure that children are making good progress and trying their best in all that they do.
  9. To promote tolerance and respect other people’s beliefs and cultures, preparing each other positively for life in modern Britain.
  10. To celebrate God’s love through a variety of meaningful experiences.
  11. To share good ideas with each other and promote a love of learning.
  12. To explore awe and wonder through everyday experiences.


We will extend a warm welcome to all


  1. To maintain positive relationships with parents/carers through:
  2. Newsletters and text messages
  3. parents evenings and welcome meetings

iii. assemblies and Stay and Pray sessions

  1. information boards
  2. reports
  3. surveys

vii. our home/school agreement
viii. availability of staff

  1. courses
  2. To encourage governors to be as involved as possible in school life.
  3. To strengthen co-operative partnerships between families, parish, school partners and the wider community.
  4. To report to governors regularly on the day- to-day running of the school and new initiatives.
  5. To invite parents/carers, governors and special guests to school celebrations.
  6. To maintain links with our parish by:
  7. providing information for parish newsletters.
  8. supporting parish sacramental programmes.
  9. To support adopted charities e.g. Cafod, Good Shepherd, Mission Together.
  10. To  promote healthy living and an active lifestyles.
  11. To promote partnerships with other outside agencies by creating positive links.


Together we will welcome and encourage an open partnership between the school, parents and the wider community.

Chain Lane, Blackbrook, St. Helens, Merseyside WA11 9QY