Microsoft TEAMs

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Dear Parents,

 We want to ensure that we are all prepared for these unpredictable times. In the unfortunate event that your child’s bubble is required to self-isolate or school closure, our priority is to ensure their education continues despite challenging circumstances. With this in mind, we have set up an online forum for online learning using ‘Microsoft Teams’.  This is free resource, which will ensure that your child has direct contact to their class teacher and is able to access learning resources on a daily basis during their isolation period.

 We have demonstrated how to access Microsoft Teams to children in school. However, it would be beneficial, if you downloaded the app in advance and familiarised yourselves with ‘Teams’ this will enable a smooth transition to online learning should it be needed.

 Microsoft Teams can be used on tablets, smart phones, PC’s and laptops. 

For your information, we have included a help sheet to get you up and running and a ‘Remote Learning Home School Agreement’ document which sets out the guidelines and expectations of staff, pupils and parents.

 As ever, pupils remain members of the school and are subject to all appropriate school rules.

Please note, it is not possible for parents to have their own log-in to their child’s Microsoft Teams account, but we do ask that you ‘join’ your child physically when they are taking part in a ‘team meeting’.


Should you require any additional support or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

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