St. Mary’s Catholic Primary Blackbrook has an active Parents and Friends Association (PFA) that supports the Governing Body and school life as a whole. Throughout the year, the PFA organise a range of events for children and adults. Some events are purely social occasions and others have a more serious fundraising element to support the 10% capital funding needed to run our school and purchase items that benefit all children that attend the school. All PFA activities are intended to be great fun for all and as such we like to share the workload amongst as many helpers as we can. The PFA is an inclusive group and we always welcome new members – we are glad of any help that you wish to offer. PFA meetings take place on a regular basis and everyone is welcome to attend. New ideas for events and activities are also always welcome. If you are unable to attend meetings or work full/part time, or you have younger children but would like to support an event in any capacity, please let a PFA committee member know. We look forward to hearing from you.


PFA Objectives

  • To encourage active co-operation between the staff, the parents and friends of the school and all others associated with education.
  • To assist the Headteacher and staff in all efforts to promote the interests and profile of the school and the advancement of education.
  • To promote activities which will encourage every child to enjoy, achieve and make a positive contribution.
  • To organise events involving parents, carers, friends, parishioners, staff and governors at the school with the aim of promoting social and fundraising activities.
  • Raising funds to purchase items and services for the benefit of the pupils and which are supplementary to those items provided from normal school revenue.
  • The PFA shall in no way interfere with the administration of the school or the curriculum or any area of the Governing Body’s responsibility.
  • The PFA shall be non-political.


PFA Membership

Members of staff and all parents/ carers of pupils will automatically be members of the Association. The friends of the school may include: parents/guardians of former pupils, other adult family members of the pupils or staff of the school, members of the Governing Body and members of the Parish of St Mary Immaculate.


PFA Committee

The committee is to consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and at least 4 other members. At least half of the committee must be parents. Officers of the committee should be nominated, seconded and elected annually at the AGM. The AGM should be held within the first term of the new school year. In the event of a tied vote on any matter the Chair to have the casting vote. The committee is to have authority to overcome any problem in the way they see fit on condition that they act within the spirit of the constitution. The Headteacher shall have the right of veto over any activities conducted in the name of the school or the PFA. The PFA may be dissolved at any time if the Headteacher desires with a minimum of three months notice.


PFA Accounts

The Treasurer shall be appointed to keep accounts of all income and expenditure and shall submit audited accounts annually at the AGM. An auditor shall be appointed by the PFA. Members of the PFA and the Governing Body have the right to see the accounts at any time. The funds of the PFA will be used in the development of its stated objectives. In the event of the PFA being dissolved, all assets shall be disposed of to the best advantage of the school and all monies to be donated to the school fund.


PTA-UK (Formerly NCPTA)

Blackbrook St Mary’s PFA has become a member of the national PTA organisation called PTA-UK (name change effective from 20 October 2011 – formerly NCPTA). It is a national charity representing over 13,000 PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The PTA-UK charitable objects are:

To advance education by encouraging the fullest co-operation between home and school, education authorities, central government and all other interested parties and bodies.To seek a significant growth in the number of PTAs in membership (currently 13,500 members). To maintain the quality and range of member support services and benefits; to ensure a high level of service is continuedTo promote parent and school partnerships, to encourage parental involvement in school life

Members enjoy high levels of support and advice on a variety of subjects such as:

  • Fundraising ideas
  • How to manage our PFA
  • How to register as a charity
  • Running successful events
  • Legal updates

Health and Safety guidance Access to an advice line Training for core PFA positionsAccess to the website that provides a wealth of information.


PFA Meetings

PFA Meetings take place on a regular basis – the date and location of the next meeting will be advertised via this website, school newsletter and a notice on the school gate. If you are unable to come along to a meeting but would like to raise a topic, please let the PFA Chairperson and PFA Secretary know. Please note that attendance at a PFA meeting does not commit your to any jobs unless you wish to! The meetings take approximately 1.5 hours and you are most welcome to stay and socialise with other PFA meeting attendees when the meeting is concluded.

For further information, please contact the PFA Secretary.


PFA Contacts

PFA Chairperson: Leanne Hill
PFA Vice Chairperson: Lisa Forester
PFA Secretary: Vicky Butler

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