Year 5

As pupils approach the final years of KS2 it becomes vital to embed key skills in Oracy, Reading, Writing and Maths and provides opportunities for children to extend their skills in independent learning tasks.

We base our teaching on the children’s pre-learning and our prime focus is to further develop their knowledge and skills. We strive to ensure that all tasks set are appropriate for each child in their learning journey. We have high expectations of all children, and believe that all children should be included in the full range of educational opportunities and that their work here at Blackbrook St Mary’s School should be of the highest possible standard.

We acknowledge that people learn in many different ways and we recognise the need to develop strategies that allow all children to learn in ways that best suit them. In Year 5 we promote opportunities for the children:

To communicate more clearly, using a wide range of vocabulary to discuss, debate, explain, justify, describe and recount.

To extend the use of technology for a full range of purposes, helping children make the best use of skills to promote learning in other areas.

To continue to focus on the need for physical and mental wellbeing, good health and an active life style.

To continue to develop the ability to work independently or in collaboration. To enhance the skills needed to investigate record, analyse and conclude.

To be able to use information as a mature learner interpreting, using and applying knowledge.

Literacy skills remain key life skills including reading for comprehension, inference and deduction. Children develop a love of reading to support independent learning.

The ability to communicate through the written word and accurate grammatical structures, strong spelling skills and appropriate punctuation.

To write in a neat accurate and cursive style.

To be creative through music, art, gymnastics, dance design and construction.

All learners need to aim for a higher level of numeracy skills which allow learners to confidently tackle and solve problems.

To confidently make decisions and take risks understanding that error leads to further learning and understanding.

To be creative learners who are inquisitive and self-motivated, through a coherent curriculum.

Our curriculum uses a termly central theme as a means of making connections between subjects and the opportunities to apply newly acquired skills in context. Whenever this is not possible the strands of the curriculum will be taught separately to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum.

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