Year 4

The Year 4 curriculum is based on a thematic approach which ensures the delivery of the new, revised National Curriculum. We explore all subject areas in a way that motivates children, providing purposeful and relevant learning opportunities. The three whole school topics are Life, Change and Journeys.

We endeavour to instil our school mission statement ‘Love of learning, love of another, love of life itself and love of God’ every day to live out Gospel values. Moreover, the core values of our school: care, responsibility, perseverance, respect and curiosity are promoted daily through lively and engaging learning challenges. Together we learn and inspire each other!

In Year 4, children will be exposed to a wide range of learning experiences to create a real love of learning and an appreciation of their unique talents and skills. There is a focus on children building resilience and appreciating helpful mistakes in order to understand the many steps of their learning journey as they acquire and assimilate new knowledge.


Religious Education


In Come and See, children will have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and understanding of Christian beliefs and the teachings of Jesus through exploring examples of scripture in the Holy Bible. Through Collective Worship, children will gather and reflect around a ‘focus for prayer’ and explore further the messages from examples of scripture, share their thoughts and listen to the views of others. Children will be nurtured in their awareness of other religions, exploring other faiths. In Year 4, children are invited to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.




In Literacy and Language, children will be encouraged to develop an awareness of audience and purpose in relation to the fiction and non-fiction texts they are reading and writing. Reading for pleasure and enjoyment is a key element of Year 4 and children will be encouraged to discuss texts with maturity and in a meaningful way. Key writing purposes will be shared with all children at the beginning of each unit. Oracy will also be developed through effective discussion times. Children will explore ‘Big Questions’ to develop their skills of argument and discussion through a mini enquiry session based on a philosophical question relating to the work of the day.


Grammar and Punctuation


Children will continue to broaden their knowledge, understanding and application of basic grammar and punctuation rules. In Year 4, children will be given opportunities to:

use direct speech in their writing, which is set out and punctuated correctly

include the first person past tense in their writing, because they are writing in role as a character

include -ing endings for stage directions which are verbs, e.g. standing, strutting

include standard and non-standard English for dialogue, depending on which character is speaking

include correct use of pronouns to avoid repetition, e.g. he, they

use commas to separate items in a list an after fronted adverbials

use apostrophes to mark where letters are missing and to mark singular and plural possession

use full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and capital letters to demarcate sentences.




Children will be encouraged to apply their number skills to solve different calculations and problems. They will continue to develop logical ways of approaching and solving challenging calculations, improving their reasoning skills and ability to find all possibilities of puzzles. We strive to ensure that mental recall of multiplication facts up to 12 times tables are mastered by the end of Year 4.

Unique Learning Experiences Year 4:

Trip to Manchester Jewish Museum and Synagogue

Smart School exploration of St Helens heritage and sporting achievements

World War II Evacuee Wow Day

‘Mad Scientist’ Wow Day

The Water Family – Hands On Experience

Inventors’ Got Talent!

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