Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage is very important as it prepares children for their future learning and successes. Their early years’ experience at St Marys Blackbrook will be exciting, fun, happy, active, safe and will support their individual development and learning needs. The seven areas of learning and development which constitute the EYFS Framework are used to guide professionals’ engagement with a child’s play and activities are planned accordingly which facilitate the new learning and build upon new knowledge and skills.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


In Foundation Stage the importance of Personal, Social and Emotional Development is at the centre of the success of children’s learning. We therefore place strong emphasis on developing confidence and independence in their daily routine. This can include anything from dressing/undressing themselves, selecting chosen activities, taking turns and sharing fairly and respecting themselves and other people. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and emotions in appropriate ways through play, discussion, group work and child initiated activities.


Communication Language and Literacy


Speaking and Listening is of vital importance in early child development. We will therefore provide a range of opportunities for children to interact in a variety of contexts. These opportunities will build confidence and promote an atmosphere where children feel secure in their knowledge that their contributions are valued.

The importance of developing language skills cannot be over emphasised. It is the foundation in which formal learning is based. Language skills are achieved primarily through high quality talk, the daily teaching of pre phonics, phonics and shared reading and writing sessions. Through play and planned activities, children have the opportunity to practise and extend their reading and writing skills.

Listening skills i.e. social listening, discrimination of sounds, aural attention span and auditory memory are developed through songs, rhymes, storytelling, modelling of vocabulary and encouraging children to talk out loud expressively when playing.




Physical development is provided through both indoor and outdoor play opportunities. Children will increase their fine and gross motor skills during activities which include the safe use of small and large equipment. In addition they will learn the importance of keeping happy and healthy and know the importance for good health of physical exercise and diet.




Number skills are taught at all levels from songs and games, independent, group and whole class activities. This is done using various practical resources relating to number, calculations, shape, space and measure. This can then be built upon so that children can use the mathematical ideas and methods they have acquired to solve practical problems within their everyday lives. Importance is placed on the depth and breadth of knowledge rather than working with larger numbers.


Understanding the World  


Children are encouraged to explore and investigate using all their senses this will include asking questions and finding out about why and how things happen, how things work and identifying similarities, differences, pattern and change in relation to people, places, objects, materials and living things.

Children are also taught to recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools and for particular purposes. Children will use computers, I pads, digital cameras, voice recorders etc. to support and enhance their learning across the early years curriculum.


Expressive arts and design


Through creative experiences the children are encouraged to be imaginative and to explore by using a variety of media and materials. Through design, music, song, dance, role play, children are supported to express and communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings to enhance their creative development. In addition they will safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design and texture.

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