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Come and See

To fulfil our aims and objectives, St Mary’s Blackbrook follows the Come and See programme of Religious Education, recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool, as our scheme of work.

Come and See is an invitation to exploration and promise of life for everyone. It offers the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover, and to repond; this is part of what it is to be human.

Come and See aims to raise questions and provide materials for children to reflect on their own experience. For all children the programme will raise questions of meaning and purpose and enable children to think critically, providing opportunities to reflect on their own experience.

The programme helps pupils to explore beliefs, values and the way of life of the Catholic traditions, and of other faith traditions, developing good attitudes and respect for their own and others’ faith.


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Collective Worship at St. Mary’s 

Daily collective worship is central to all we do here at St Mary’s, providing opportunities for pupils and staff to worship God, reflect on Jesus’ role in their lives and develop community spirit and shared values. It takes many forms and is led by both pupils and staff. We follow the liturgical year and respond to world events and issues the children wish to explore. We encourage everyone to respond to the prayer experiences in a heartfelt way in order to develop their spirituality and relationship with God. 

Sacramental Preparation

At St. Mary’s, we follow the ‘With You Always’ Sacramental Preparation Programme.

Jesus spoke to them… ‘and know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.’ (Matthew 28:20)

Parents ‘…will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  May they also be the best of teachers bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do…’ (Rite of Baptism)

Meetings are held once a month in the school hall and are led by Catechists from our Parish, with support from school staff. 


Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) is taught throughout the year from Foundation Stage to Y6. The primary programme of study to deliver the majority of the relationships and sex education aspect of the curriculum is ‘Journey in Love’ which is approved by the bishops of England. The ‘PATHs’ programme is used in school to deliver Social and Emotional Learning which further supports the delivery of the relationships and mental health aspects of the RSHE curriculum. The Health aspects of the RSHE is delivered through Personal Development lessons and are further supported by Science and PE lessons.


An overview of coverage in each year group for ‘Journey in Love’ will be sent to parents yearly and discussed at the year group Parent Meetings. Parents are welcome to look at samples of the resources we use for ‘Journey In Love’ should they wish to to view the content in more detail and to discuss it with the Personal Development lead or class teacher.

For further information on the content, delivery and assessment of RSHE curriculum, click the link to view our RSHE policy which has recently been updated inline with the new statutory Relationships Curriculum.

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