Palm Oil Conga

Year 2 have been flashmobbing around school by doing the ‘Palm Oil Conga’ to raise awareness of deforestation due to palm oil and the problems that the hornbills are having. Check out the school Twitter page to see the video.

Palm Oil Project Art Work

Year 2 had a visit from an artist called Laura-Kate who showed us how to make hornbill masks for our Palm Oil project. She showed us how to use  techniques to make different effects with our pencils and brushes. Our masks looked wonderful when they were...

Hornbill Poetry

Miss Dooner’s literacy group have been looking at poetry including kenning poems and shape poems. We had a go at writing our own kenning poems about hornbills and made them into a shape poem. They look wonderful!

Wonder Garden

The whole school has been doing a very special Chester Zoo project about endangered animals and the on the book ‘The Wonder Garden’. Year 2 have been finding out about the hornbill. We made our very own wonder garden for our class hornbill to live in. We...

Spanish Lessons

We have begun learning Spanish with Senora Oakes. We have enjoyed learning to count, colour and how to introduce ourselves in Spanish. Why not ask us to speak some Spanish at home so we can practise.  

Transport Timeline

This week in History, we have been looking at how transport has changed through history and when things were invented. We then ordered the events to make our own timelines.

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