Self Isolation Timetable 26.04.21

If you are self isolating at home, follow the links in the timetable below to access video lessons: Self-Isolation-Timetable-week-26th April

Happy Earth Day

On April 22nd every year it is Earth Day, we marked the day by creating collages using items collected from nature. We discussed issues such as deforestation, recycling, climate change and biodiversity. We will be exploring these issues more in the coming week through...

Self Isolation Timetable 19.4.21

If you are isolating at home, please follow the timetable below to access the learning videos: Self-Isolation-Timetable-week-19th April

Self – Isolation Timetable 29th March 2021

In the event that you have to self – isolate, please follow the links on the timetable below to continue your learning. Best wishes, Miss Brennan   Self-Isolation-Timetable-week-29th March

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