🏺🎭Ancient Greek Drama Day🎭🏺

Today was our Ancient Greek drama day and we had so much fun!

We started our day by meeting our director, Michael and stretching our drama muscles.

Michael asked us to move around the room in a variety of different ways and once we had mastered that, he added in more complicated instructions such as ‘freeze frame being at the zoo’, ‘freeze frame being on the Argo’, and ‘freeze frame being an Ancient Greek farmer’.

Next on our agenda was to dive into our our performance!


We were each given roles and dialogues that we could make our own with our mannerisms, tone, volume and actions. Miss Traynor was incredibly proud of us – we did amazing and even wanted to practice at break and dinner!

After lunch, we did our final practices and were ready to perform! Take a look at some pictures of our practice (slide through) and then watch the video of our final piece, I think you’ll agree that we are absolute superstars 🌟✨

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