Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is taught throughout the year through Come and See, but also taught independently in the Summer Term through 'Journey in Love'. It is taught from Early Years up to Year 6.

Below you can find information about how Come and See links to RSE, and also the specific learning which takes place through 'Journey in Love'. Click the links to look at each year group in more detail.

RSE_Early_Years.PDF    RSE_Year_1.PDF    RSE_Year_2.PDF

RSE_Year_3.PDF    RSE_Year_4.PDF    RSE_Year_5.PDF    RSE_Year_6.PDF

Parents are welcome to request samples of the resources we use for 'Journey In Love' should they wish to look in more detail at the content.

Click the link to view our RSE policy which has recently been updated. 

RSE Policy.pdf






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