Collective Worship


Whole School
The whole school comes together on Friday morning for an assembly. The first part of this assembly is Collective Worship including hymns/songs, prayers, scripture readings. This is led by the Headteacher or the Deputy Head.  The whole school comes together to pray and reflect for ‘Welcome Assembly’, ‘Christmas Service’, ‘Ash Wednesday’ and for a special ‘Easter assembly’.

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Key Stage Collective Worship
Year groups in each Key Stage join together each Wednesday to participate in Collective Worship, which is led by a member of the SLT.

Class Collective Worship  
Collective worship in class takes place at least 3 times a week and follows the Roots plan. The RE team provides an overview for each half-term which includes the theme for each week, scripture readings and suggested resources. It is planned and led by both staff and pupils (see collective worship policy).  We also pray together at various times during the school day, including in the morning, before lunch and at the end of the day.

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This week's focus: 'A committed community'

This week’s resources explore: the cost of discipleship; making a commitment; 
looking forward rather than looking back.

Our main bible passage is Luke 9:51-62.

Jesus and his disciples travel towards Jerusalem. As they approach a Samaritan village, they are turned away. Jesus teaches about how hard it is to be a disciple, and the importance of looking forward not back.

Something to think about... Why is it hard to be a disciple of Jesus?

Click here to download an activity page for your child to complete...

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