Our Curriculum


We at St Mary’s aim to provide a warm and caring environment in which children of all backgrounds and abilities can achieve their full potential.

We have shaped this curriculum into themes so that children can make connections between subjects.  We call this our thematic curriculum and our children explore subjects through a termly theme. There is a strong emphasis on the basic skills of speaking, reading, writing and maths as we believe they are the building blocks to effective learning.  We encourage our children to express themselves creatively and to use prior knowledge and skills to develop new ideas.  We have carefully planned a range of exciting experiences both here in school and on visits which will stimulate their minds and help them to make greater sense of the world around them. 

We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of every pupil and prepare them for the opportunities responsibilities and experiences of their future lives.  To achieve this, the staff work as a team in cooperation with parents, governors and LA, while keeping abreast of the current and changing trends in education.

We emphasise the moral values of self-respect, respect for others, respect for property, building up of self-confidence and initiative, responsibility and self-discipline. This we feel is embodied in our Mission Statement.  The school follows the National Curriculum for England.  Details of this curriculum year group by year group are contained within this web site.

When your child leaves this school we want them to recognise their strengths and to understand the world they live in more fully.  We want them to be able to express themselves confidently in a range of forms and we fully prepared for the next stage in their lives.  We will work in partnership with you to make this happen.

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