Sensory and/or physical needs


What if my child has sensory and/or physical needs?

This can include:

Difficulties with reading and spelling

Learning and processing information

Working with numbers

Working memory


Students may have conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties, dyslexia, general learning difficulties, ASD, ADD /ADHD

Students may present with difficulties that do not have a specific title.

What can we offer?


Blackbrook St Mary’s can provide

Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation in line with best practice

Visual aids such as enlarged text to support basic skills , concepts and topic work.

Carpeted classrooms to support children with hearing difficulties.

School adheres to guidelines on physical access and is fully accessible to wheelchairs.

Access to support services School Nursing Team, Occupational Therapy, Children’s Disability Team, Physiotherapy.

A committed and caring staff who want to support and inspire children to reach their full potential.


Support may include:

Medical Care Plans.

Handwriting /fine motor/keyboard skills training ( In Sync Programme).

Developmental Movement Play sessions.

Meetings and in school support from the school nurse.

Access to assistive technology, lap tops,  software,  and IPod applications.

Access to teaching assistant support.

Personalised  and group provision plans

1:1 Outside Agency support from appropriate agencies

Targeted  teacher and TA support for complex medical needs, including practical support.

Exam Access Arrangements.


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