Social, emotional health or mental health

This section includes all those young people who experience short but significant periods of high anxiety, stress, distress or anger that affect their education.

It also includes young people who have a range of longer-term recognised mental health conditions.

For both groups, issues can include:

Forming and maintaining relationships


Attitudes to learning



Life outside school

What can we offer?


Blackbrook St Mary’s can provide

Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEND practice)

Work stations and small group support

Access to homework support clubs.

Learning mentor and pastoral team support.

Access to assessment for identification of significant needs.

Whole School  Reward System.

Whole school policy for behaviour management with graduated response.

Key Stage and Year Group  transition support.

Targeted programmes  to support,  ‘Happy to be me’,

Anti-bullying policy.


Targeted support for small groups may include

Breakfast club.

Transition support.

Positive Interaction Groups and Circle Time.

Talking Chairs ‘drop in’ area

Worry Boxes

Intervention groups (all years)- behaviour/social skills/self-esteem/ anger management.

In-class support in some lessons


Support for individual students may include

1:1 mentoring.


Outside agency input (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Targeted Youth Support, Early Help Hounslow, CAMHS, Hounslow Early Intervention Service.

BIT (Behaviour Improvement Team) and In-class support for students at risk of exclusion.

Personal Support Plan- support for students at risk of permanent exclusion.

Support from Health and Social Care team/ school nurse.

Looked After Children PEPs and support


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