Learning and Literacy


My child has difficulties with learning and literacy.

This can include:

Difficulties with reading and spelling

Learning and processing information

Working with numbers

Working memory


Students may have conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties, dyslexia, general learning difficulties, ASD, ADD /ADHD

Students may present with difficulties that do not have a specific title.

What can we offer?


Blackbrook St Mary’s can provide:

Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation in line with best practice.

Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.

Workstations and small group focussed teaching.

Support with homework

Daily reading support and appropriate support programmes such as Read Write Inc  Boosters, Fresh Start, Attack Spelling and Beat Dyslexia

Access St Helens’ Literacy Support Service and Educational Psychology Service.

A committed and caring staff who want to support and inspire children to reach their full potential


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